Profile Joker

Joker Golf Club Indonesia is a golf club initiated by Edwin Abeng, Arief Budiman and Andara Novrianda who share the vision of making a real contribution to advancing the performance of the Indonesian sports world, specifically in the sport of golf. On 5 November 2014, Joker Golf Club was formed and, a year later inaugurated by Persatuan Golf Indonesia (PGI).

Edwin Abeng Arief Budiman Andara Novrianda

This Golf Club aims to be the place for Indonesia’s golf lovers to develop their interest & talent in playing golf as well as serve as a bridge between players for socializing and to share experience.

Currently, Joker Golf Club Indonesia’s membership has reached 35 permanent members and is expanding, in line with the increasing interest in the sport of golf within the community. There are a number of standard competencies in the recruitment of club members such as game ethics and a high level of loyalty.

Joker Golf Club Indonesia also has routine activities; among them is the Charity Tournament held annually to commemorate Joker’s anniversary, in which there is a fundraiser that will fund fellow golfers in need as well as to support Indonesian golf athletes.

With the establishment of this club, the hope is to create golfers with the capability to be competitive, excellent golf ethics, ability to socialize and social consciousness.